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In the wake of I-400's attack on the New Year's party, the first mission of the hastily-commissioned USS Missouri and her crew is to locate and stop whatever I-400 might be plotting. However, the mission is easier said than done, as I-400 always appears to be a few steps ahead of the Missouri, and so far the Missouri has only been providing aid to the victims of I-400's campaign, who speak of hallucinations of old memories and of a man too quick for them to see.

Finally, it seems the Missouri might catch a break; as Starfleet Intelligence has determined I-400's next target to be an illegal Ferengi dilithium mining operation in an asteroid belt just five light years from the Heartfilia system, run by a known Ferengi arms dealer named Klawe. Wanting to press their advantage while they have the initiative, Commander Cooke decides to converge upon the mine to prevent I-400 from obtaining a vast amount of Dilithium from Klawe.

However, unbeknownst to Commander Cooke, I-400 knows of the threat that the Missouri poses to her plan, and is leading Commander Cooke and her crew into a trap. And she's not alone, as I-400 has recruited two young Hebitians orphaned by the Dominion War to her cause, and they're more than what they seem; as they are also survivors of Dominion genetic experimentation, leaving them with enhanced abilities, and it is these enhanced Hebitians that I-400 plans to use to tear the Missouri's senior staff apart from the inside.

Mission Group The I-400 Saga
Start Date Wed Sep 20th, 2023 @ 6:13am

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