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You've Been Thunderstruck (Part 2)

Posted on Wed Sep 20th, 2023 @ 6:12am by Commander Patricia Cooke & Lieutenant Charlotte E. "Charlie" Yeager & Lieutenant Commander Tsukasa Izumi & Lieutenant Commander Lahki Bakshi Dr & Major Achilles Aurelius & Lieutenant Akira Kogami & Lieutenant Zelea Arlidd & Lieutenant Zara Ghemora
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Mission: Auld Lang Syne
Location: USS Missouri
Timeline: After "You've Been Thunderstruck (Part 1)"

Previously, on Star Trek: Missouri:

At 1915 hours, the stillness and calm of the Missouri's bridge was broken by the synchronized arrival of the port and starboard turbolifts on deck one, and their doors swooshing open to reveal the arrival of the Missouri's senior staff on the bridge, led by Commander Patricia Cooke emerging from the port turbolift, whose arrival was signaled by the sounding of the automatic boatswain's whistle.

When the whistle sounded, the junior officers of the Missouri's skeleton crew stood up from their stations and went to attention as Patricia strutted across the bridge towards the command pit. She gave a nod to the junior officers on duty.

"As you were." She said.

Officially relieved of duty, the junior officers made their way towards the turbolifts from which the senior staff had just exited as Patricia first lay eyes on the center chair- no, her center chair.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Patricia turned to Tsukasa, whom had just arrived from dropping off her son at their assigned quarters.

"Commander, would you care to do the honors?" Patricia asked, referring to the order to call all personnel to their stations for departure.

"All hands take your stations please..." Tsukasa said, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

And now, the continuation:

Lahki, who was normally in the Medical Bay all day long, was settled into an empty chair between the Helm and Command station. She liked to watch pre-launch stuff-it was interesting, and, after all, her ex-husband was a commanding officer and she was just still USED to it. She stood up when the Captain came aboard. After the "all hands" order, she approached Patricia.

"Good luck. I'll return to Medical now; I just like to watch the launches. No matter how long I've been an officer, it's always thrilling." She smiled. "Commander, hope you're well. I'll be sending out a communique later via PADD for all senior officers to get their onboarding medical exams unless they did it at Khitomer," she said.

Patricia nodded and shook Lahki's hand.

"Thank you, Commander." Patricia said. "I'll be sure not to put off my onboarding physical."

Another mundane day had unfolded in the backdrop of his Marine service. While the average individual might not consider military duty to be lacking excitement, the scarcity of combat in recent times had led the major to perceive it as such. Yet, steadfast in his commitment, he readied himself to fulfill his obligations.

A resonating message reverberated through the communication system, prompting the entire crew to assume their designated positions. As the commander of the Marine detachment, he faced the choice of stationing himself within the marine barracks or alongside the captain on the bridge. Opting for the latter, Achilles reasoned that if the need arose, a directive would guide him back to the barracks. Until then, he would remain on the bridge, immersing himself in the intricate web of the ship's operations.

Upon reaching the turbolift, he pivoted to confront the doors, his voice resonating with purpose. "Bridge," he articulated. After a measured pause, the doors slid open, granting passage to the bridge. Taking his stance, at full attention, to the right and slightly behind the captain's chair, he spoke once more with a controlled deference. "Major Achilles Aurelius reporting as ordered, Captain," he declared. Anticipation coursed through him as he awaited her reply, ready to engage with the impending directives.

Patricia nodded.

"Stations please, Major." She replied. "Engineering station is yours if you want it."

Patricia knew Zelea wouldn't be on the bridge at this time, hence why she was confident in offering the engineering station on the bridge between the ready room doors and the viewscreen to the marine commander.

Tapping her combadge, Patricia stepped closer to the captain's chair and turned back to face the viewscreen.

"Attention all department heads, this is the captain:" Patricia said. "Please report when your departments are ready for departure."

Having taken her seat at the CONN, Charlie's fingers danced along the console, preparing the Missouri for flight.

"Flight control is ready to rock and roll." Charlie reported.

With a swell of pride, Akira made her way over to the small alcove just off to her right. Of course, she had manned her fair share of security stations in the past- nothing overtly irregular with that, the CSO wasn't always available 24/7- but as she delicately lowered herself onto the otherwise unassuming chair, she couldn't help but smile at the fact that this was finally her seat; not some seat she was keeping warm for Lieutenant Hull until he remembered to do his job and not flirt with the Ensigns, no- this was her, Lieutenant Akira Kogami, Chief of Security's seat.

This had been a long time coming. Too long, if you asked her.

"Bridge has been cleared of all non-vital personnel; Security reports green across the board," she announced, giving Patty the thumbs up.

Having to wait for a turbolift to open up and unsure of where she should be, Ghemora decided the best place was the Bridge, using the momentary privacy to check the status of the few departmental crew to ensure they had all properly reported in and were currently aboard the Missouri.

As the doors of the turbolift opened to the Bridge, Ghemora stepped out quickly but only shuffled to stand silently to the side. She wasn't needed there but didn't know where else to be. If looked to by either the Commanding or Executive Officers, she would offer an assuring nod but only speak up to confirm her department's status if absolutely necessary.

Zelea was in engineering but keeping an open line of communication with the bridge.

Lahki stepped into the TL as Ghemora stepped out. She smiled, and nodded. "Hello! Please report to Medical!" She called out in a sing-song voice as the doors closed, whisking the CMO away to her floor.

With the departments having reported in, Patricia smiled and lowered herself into her chair for the first time. The new chair smell rushed to meet her nostrils as she sat down.

"Yeager; are all mooring lines cleared and retracted?" Patricia asked.

"All moorings cleared and retracted, ma'am." Charlie responded.

Patricia drew in a deep breath, and gripped the arm rests of the command chair:

"In the words of Kagami Izumi, and all who have come before us..." She declared, turning to Charlie at the CONN. "Yeager; take us out!"

"Aye, ma'am; taking us out." Charlie declared, her fingers dancing along smooth surface of the helm console.

And with the inputs from Charlie's fingers, the Bellerophon class starship smoothly glided from the drydock in which it had been built; from where it had seen its troubled construction and triumphant completion. It was an important moment, for sure: Four years after its predecessor had been lost to the stars, the Starship Missouri had once again set sail.

Space. The final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Starship Missouri.
Its continuing mission:
To investigate the weird and wacky.
To seek out strange new phenomena and answers to old cold cases.
To boldy go where no one has gone before!


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