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Major Achilles Aurelius

Name Achilles Alexander Aurelius

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Homo Sapiens Sapiens [Human]
Age 268

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4" (1.93 M)
Weight 226 Lbs (102 Kg / 16 St)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Achilles is six foot and four inches tall. He weighs in at over two hundred pounds and has a very athletic build. He had medium brown skin, black hair, and blue eyes. On his cranium his hair is almost always either in a high and tight, or completely shaved. His facial hair is almost always worn in a full goatee. He has a lion tattoo on the right shoulder, an eagle on his left forearm, "Carpe Diem" inked on his upper back, and "freedom" inked on his lower back.

Biologically, he is left-handed, has AB- negative blood, is allergic to aluminum sulfate, and has an unknown genetic issue that makes all water taste horrible to him.

When it comes to his style of dress, whenever he's not in uniform he prefers black leather or suits.


Spouse None.
Children None that he is aware of.
Father Jeremy Edward Aurelius
Mother Sarah Elizabeth Brown
Brother(s) He is unaware of any biological brothers, but to his knowledge, his adoptive brothers are dead.
Sister(s) He is unaware of any biological sisters, but to his knowledge, his adoptive sisters are dead.
Other Family He knows that he most likely has relatives that are descendants of his sperm and egg donors, but has no personal feelings about them as family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview -Adherence To The Legal Code: Achilles believes that everyone should always adhere to the legal code that they have sworn allegiance to unless doing so would violate the higher moral standard.
-Adherence To The Moral Law: Achilles believes adherence to a conservative moral standard is always the highest objective.
-Competitiveness Vs Cooperativeness: Achilles is extremely competitive.
-Culture / Nation: Believes that while the United Federation of Planets is the best current government, it is far from the best that has ever been. In his opinion, the united States of America, the Roman Republic, and the Spartan oligarchy are the best governments in history.
-Politics: Idealistically, Achilles is a hard core conservative libertarian anarcho-capitalist.
-Religion: Achilles is a Christian and believes that aliens are just other creations by God.
-Self-Image: Achilles thinks of himself as better than the average person in almost every way, but not the best person in all things.
-Selfishness Vs. Selflessness: For Achilles it's probably 80% selflessness.
-Species: Achilles believes that his own species disgust him. Not only because of their moral failings, but because he can see how great mankind could become.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Strength
1). Very physically fit.
2). Very intelligent.
3). Charming.
4). Great fighter.
- Weakness
1). Large ego.
2). Not great at ship combat.
3). Sometimes allows his low default opinion of others to come out, affecting his career.
4). Worries about not having a legacy.
5). Naturally overheats more than a normal human.
Ambitions - Long Term
1). Become the Commandant of Starfleet Marines.
2). Find a worthy mate to father children with and have a life-long partner.
3). Be the best fighter in the Marines.
4). Find all of his direct relatives.
- Short Term
1). Be appointed as the second officer of his starship.
2). Find a serious girlfriend.
3). Ensure that all personnel on his starship are the best fighters that they can be.
Hobbies & Interests 1). Cooking.
2). Singing.
3). Earth history.
4). Martial arts.
5). Massage therapy.

Personal History Achilles was born from his maturation tube on the 14th of August, 2132 on the planet Trialas IV, in the Trialas System in the Beta Quadrant. His childhood was a harsh but loving one, being raised along with his brothers and sisters by their father in accordance with the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. When Achilles was 14, his father left their homeworld and was never heard from again. Unknown to him, their father had gone on a resource gathering trip and was arrested by United Earth law enforcement personnel.

When he was 19, he stole some electronics equipment from the family homestead, went out into the wilderness, and built a transmitter/transponder combination device. He used this device to contact a Vulcan ship, and in exchange for labor, they agreed to take him to another location where he could barter for passage into a new life.

After three weeks of travel on the Vulcan ship, he arrived at a Tellarite trading outpost when he contracted out his services as a security officer aboard a Risian merchant vessel. After two years working on the Risan merchant vessel, he decided not to renew his employment contract, and transferred to a Barzan trading vessel.

Achilles was enamored with the Barzan culture that he was introduced to and decided to settle on Barzan. While there, he attempted to live as a merchant and farmer just as a change of pace. He quickly grew bored with such a live and decided that he needed more excitement. This led him to decide to pilot a solar sail vessel into the unknown.

After two years of preparations, he launched his ship into orbit and extended the sails. Two weeks later, he was near the fifth world of the system, and the previously unknown, and to be discovered later, wormhole opened up and deposited him into the J-356 System, firmly in Borg space.

Achilles knew he was no where near where he was, and assumed that it must've been an Einstein-Rosen bridge that brought him here. He continued his journey for another six month, and began running out of food after his food synthesizer began to break down. As entered the J-361 System, he noticed a spherical starship out of his port window. He hailed them, hoping that they might help him.

Approximately 39 seconds after his hail was received, the ship began moving towards him quickly, and then his communication system rang out with a choir of voices he had never heard before.

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ship. We will add it's technological distinctiveness to our own. It will be adapted to service us. Resistance is futile."

Achilles assumed that he was going to be boarded, and knew that he couldn't outrun a powered interstellar starship. He got suited up in his gear and weapons, and got ready to fight. He was not ready when the sphere's holding beam locked onto his ship and began pulling it in. Once the sphere was close enough, it hacked his computer systems, and learned that the ship was very primitive. Furthermore, they learned the distance the ship had traveled. This was bad for Achilles because the Borg assumed that since the ship could not have traversed the distance, and the ship's primitive computer had no data on the wormhole, that the pilot must be the the part of the equation that allowed the amazing travel.

His communication system turned on again and the choir of voices spoke once more. "We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile." Achilles pulled out his knife and waited for them to board. Sadly for him, he was instead transported directly to an assimilation chamber, and was assimilated.

In 2377, while spending time in Unimatrix Zero, Achilles learned about a Starfleet captain’s plan to destroy Unimatrix Zero in order to free those within so that they can carry their individuality into the real world. After the plan succeeded, Achilles found himself, as Two of Four, aboard a small scoutship in the Alpha Quadrant near the Trill System. After a fight resulting form him regaining his self after the destruction of Unimatrix Zero, he defeated the other drones and damaged the ship, which crashed on Trill.

Once the Trill security force realized that a Borg ship had crashed on their planet, they immediately altered Starfleet. Within 43 hours the USS Hood NCC-42296, arrived in orbit of Trill. Once the ship was located, the captain gave the order to red alert, and then began giving orders to fire on and destroy the rubble of the ship. Once the phasers destroyed the ship, an away team, consisting of the XO, the 2nd officer, an engineer, a science officer, and three security officers, beamed down near the ship.

After about an hour of searching, the away team came upon a formerly human drone trying to repair some technology. The engineer opened his tricorder and scanned the drone before speaking. “Human sir. Lots of damage sir.” The XO then sighed before she responded with “Alright, let’s at least stun him and see what we can learn.” Just before the senior security officer could aim and fire the drone stood up and turned towards them with his forced plasma projected at the away team and spoke to the shock of everyone. “Who are you guys? I can tell you are Starfleet by your uniforms.” He then turned towards the female commander. “I am Achilles Aurelius, from Earth.”

After a long conversation with the away team, the former drone was taken up to the ship, disarmed, and examined. After most of his Borg components were removed, he was transferred to the Daystrom Institute for study and rehabilitation.

In 2384, Achilles began to become restless again, and enlisted in the Starfleet Marines. Shortly after enlisting, he joined the Marine Recon Teams. After six years as an enlistee, he went through Starfleet Marines commissioned officer training, and obtained a commission. In 2394, he joined Starfleet Marines Special Operations Command as a Critical Skills Officer, and just recently began service as the leader of the Marine detachment aboard the USS Missouri NCC-78316.
Service Record --PROMOTIONS--
1). E1 (Private): 2384 Sep 03
2). E2 (Private First Class): 2385 Mar 04
3). E3 (Lance Corporal): 2385 Nov 03
4). E4 (Corporal): 2384 Sep 03
5). E5 (Sergeant): 2387 Jul 04
6). E6 (Staff Sergeant): 2388 Sep 02
7). E7 (Gunnery Sergeant): 2390 Sep 03
8). E8i (Master Sergeant): N/A - Commissioned.
9). E8ii (First Sergeant): N/A - Commissioned.
10). E9i (Master Gunnery Sergeant): N/A - Commissioned.
11). E9ii (Sergeant Major): N/A - Commissioned.
12). E9iii (Sergeant Major of Marines): N/A - Commissioned.
13). E9iv (Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief): N/A - Commissioned.
14). W01 (Warrant Officer): N/A - Commissioned.
15). CW02 (Chief Warrant Officer 2): N/A - Commissioned.
16). CW03 (Chief Warrant Officer 3): N/A - Commissioned.
17). CW04 (Chief Warrant Officer 4): N/A - Commissioned.
18). CW05 (Chief Warrant Officer 5): N/A - Commissioned.
19). O1 (Second Lieutenant): 2392 Sep 10
20). O2 (First Lieutenant): 2394 Mar 12
21). O3 (Captain): 2396 Mar 11
22). O4 (Major): 2398 Mar 12
23). O5 (Lieutenant Colonel):
24). O6 (Colonel):
25). O7 (Brigadier General):
26). O8 (Major General):
27). O9 (Lieutenant General):
28). O10 (General):
29). O11 (Commandant of Marines):

1). Marine Good Conduct Medal: 2388 Sep 03, 2392 Sep 03, 2396 Sep 03
2). Marine Starship Service: 2387 Nov 14, 2388 Jun 25, 2389 Feb 04
3). Marine Recruiting Service: 2385 Jan 10
4). Marine Drill Instructor: 2389 Jun 08
5). Marine Combat Instructor: 2389 Jun 08
6). Expert Rifleman Medal: 2384 Dec 30
7). Expert Pistol Shot Medal: 2395 Apr 13

1). 2384 Sep 03: Recruit, delayed entry program, Starfleet Marines.
2). 2384 Oct 01: Assistant squad leader, 2nd Squad, Platoon 1106, Bravo Company, 1st Training Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Parris Island Recruit Training Depot, Starfleet Marines
3). 2384 Oct 15: Squad leader, 2nd Squad, Platoon 1106, Bravo Company, 1st Training Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Parris Island Recruit Training Depot, Starfleet Marines
4). 2384 Nov 19: Platoon Guide, Platoon 1106, Bravo Company, 1st Training Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Parris Island Recruit Training Depot, Starfleet Marines
5). 2384 Dec 31: Assistant Recruiter, 373rd Marine Recruiting Station.
6). 2385 Jan 14: Squad leader, 1st Squad, Platoon 1, Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, School of Infantry East, Camp Geiger, Starfleet Marines
7). 2385 Jan 26: Platoon Guide, Platoon 1, Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, School of Infantry East, Camp Geiger, Starfleet Marines
8). 2385 May 08: Reconnaissance Candidate, Camp Lejeune.
9). 2385 May 10: Reconnaissance Candidate, Marine Awaiting Reconnaissance Training Platoon.
10). 2385 Jun 07: Reconnaissance Candidate, Marine Reconnaissance Training and Assessment Program
11). 2385 Jul 19: Reconnaissance Candidate, Basic Reconnaissance Course.
12). 2385 Oct 12: Reconnaissance Candidate, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Course.
13). 2386 Jan 17: Reconnaissance Candidate, Marine Combatant Diver Course.
14). 2386 Mar 21: Reconnaissance Candidate, Marine Airborne School.
15). 2386 Apr 11: Reconnaissance Candidate, Marine Free-Fall Parachutist Course.
16). 2386 May 16: Reconnaissance Candidate, Marine High Risk Personnel (HRP) Course.
17). 2386 Jun 20: Reconnaissance Candidate, Advanced Long Range Communications Course.
18). 2386 Jul 19: Reconnaissance Candidate, Weapons and Tactics Course.
19). 2386 Aug 09: Reconnaissance Candidate, Threat Weapons Familiarization Course.
20). 2386 Aug 23: Reconnaissance Candidate, Advanced Airborne Course.
21). 2386 Sep 20: Reconnaissance Candidate, Combat Trauma Course.
22). 2386 Oct 11: Reconnaissance Candidate, Amphibious Training Course.
23). 2386 Nov 08: Reconnaissance Candidate, Applied Explosives Course.
24). 2386 Dec 12: Reconnaissance Candidate, Dynamic Entry Course Course.
25). 2386 Dec 26: Reconnaissance Candidate, Dynamic Assault Course
26). 2387 Jan 16: Reconnaissance Candidate, Urban Reconnaissance & Surveillance Course.
27). 2387 Feb 20: Reconnaissance Candidate, Security Element Training Course.
28). 2387 Mar 20: Reconnaissance Candidate, Non-Lethal Weapons Course.
29). 2387 Apr 03: Reconnaissance Candidate, Assault Climbers Course.
30). 2387 May 08: Assistant Squad leader, 3rd Squad, 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Starfleet Marines
31). 2387 Jul 05: Squad leader, 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Starfleet Marines
32). 2388 Sep 03: Platoon Guide, 2nd Platoon, 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Starfleet Marines
33). 2389 Apr 15: Marine Drill Instructor Candidate, School of Infantry East, Camp Geiger, Starfleet Marines
34). 2389 Jun 15: Senior Drill Instructor, Platoon 1101, Bravo Company, 1st Training Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Parris Island Recruit Training Depot, Starfleet Marines
35). 2390 Jun 22: Senior Enlisted Advisor, 4th Force Reconnaissance Company, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, 4th Marine Division, Starfleet Marines
36). 2392 Jul 03: Commissioned Officer Candidate, Marine Officer Candidates Course.
37). 2392 Sep 18: Commissioned Officer Candidate, Marine Officer Candidates Course.
38). 2393 Mar 26: Commissioned Officer Candidate, Marine Officer Candidates Course.
39). 2394 Mar 18: Marine Critical Skills Officer Candidate, MARSOC Assessment & Selection Program.
40). 2394 May 13: Marine Critical Skills Officer Candidate, MARSOC Individual Training Course.
41). 2394 Dec 09: Marine Critical Skills Officer Candidate, MARSOC Language Training Course [Dominionese].
42). 2395 Apr 14: Executive Officer, Training Department, 1st Marine Raider Battalion.
43). 2396 Mar 11: Commanding Officer, Marine Special Operations Team 03, 2nd Marine Raider Battalion.
44). 2398 Mar 12: Commanding Officer, Operations Department, 1st Marine Raider Battalion.
45). 2400 (3 days ago): Commanding Officer, Marine Detachment, USS Missouri NCC-78316.

1). 2384 Oct 01 - 2384 Dec 30: SFM Boot Camp
3). 2385 Jan 14 - 2385 May 05: SFM School of Infantry
4). 2385 May 10 - 2386 Jun 05: SFM Reconnaissance Training - Phase 01
5). 2386 Jun 20 - 2386 Oct 24: SFM Reconnaissance Training - Phase 02
6). 2386 Nov 08 - 2387 May 07: SFM Reconnaissance Training - Phase 03
7). 2389 Apr 15 - 2389 Jun 08: SFM Drill Instructor Course
8). 2392 Jul 03 - 2392 Sep 10: SFM Officer Candidates Course
9). 2392 Sep 18 - 2393 Mar 18: SFM Officer Basic Course
10). 2393 Mar 26 - 2393 Jul 08: SFM Infantry Officer Course
11). 2394 Mar 18 - 2394 Apr 28: SFM CSO Assessment & Selection
12). 2394 May 13 - 2394 Nov 10: SFM CSO Individual Training Course
13). 2394 Dec 09 - 2395 Apr 13: SFM CSO Language Training Course [Dominionese]