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Commander Patricia Cooke

Name Patricia Martin Cooke

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Patricia has a slim physique; she has wavy blonde hair in a pixie cut and sky blue eyes. She is of average height, coming in at 5 feet 6 inches.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Harold Cooke
Mother Shirley Cooke
Brother(s) Ron Parlor (In-law)
Sister(s) Marion Parlor
Other Family Francine Cooke (grandmother)
Harry Francis Cooke (ancestor)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patricia describes herself as an Otaku. She loves anime and manga and has learned Japanese through them. Though, as a result, she possesses a rather unusual Japanese vocabulary and tends to make unhealthy generalizations of Japanese culture based on Otaku culture. Though she tries her best to curtail it, Patricia speaks with a pronounced Chicagoland accent.

Patricia takes great pride in her family's connection to the Missouri name, and will vehemently defend its honor.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal officer
+Quick thinker
+Knows how to keep her ship and crew safe

+/-Will vehemently defend the honor of the Missouri name

-Tends to generalize Japanese culture
Ambitions Patricia greatly idolizes Kagami Izumi and strives to one day achieve her level of excellence. Patricia is aware that it's not something that happens overnight, and is more than willing to bide her time. At this point, she's grateful to have even made the captain's chair at all.

On a more personal note; Patricia would like to one day meet her own "Athrun Atha" and have his children.
Hobbies & Interests -Anime and Manga
-Japanese Domestic Market ground cars
-Initial D Eurobeat
-Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza
-Blues music

Personal History Patricia Martin Cooke was born on April 16, 2370 to Harold and Shirley (nee Martin) Cooke on Utopia Colony on Mars, where her father worked as an engineer at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Patricia was one of the first grandchildren of Captain Francine Cooke, who at that time was a reservist in the Starfleet Marine Corps.

When Patricia was 3, her grandmother was called to active duty following the outbreak of the Dominion War. At this time, Patricia's parents opted to sell the townhouse they owned at Utopia Colony and move to Chicagoland on Earth so that watching over Grandma Francine's house would be easier, even if it meant a longer commute for Patricia's father. In 2374, Patricia's younger sister, Marion, was born.

When Patricia's grandmother finally came home in 2376 after resigning her commission, much of Patricia's late childhood and early adolescence was spent listening to her grandmother's war stories and the adventures she had during her service aboard the USS Missouri. As a tween, Patricia became interested in learning her family's history, and discovered that Francine hadn't been the only Cooke to serve aboard a Missouri; for many generations ago, Patricia's ancestor, Harry Francis Cooke, had served aboard the Iowa class battleship of Earth's Second World War, and had been considered a plank owner of the historic vessel, meaning he had been aboard the Missouri when she was commissioned in 1944.

In 2385, Patricia heard from her father that Starfleet was building a new Missouri, and Patricia aspired to one day serve aboard her, just like Grandma Francine and ancestor Harry. In 2386, Patricia dropped out of high school to sign up for Starfleet Academy, lying about her age to the recruiter to get in, just as her ancestor had done centuries prior.

In the Academy, Patricia was placed on the security track, and was assigned to share quarters with Akira Kogami; a washed up former child actress hoping that Starfleet was her ticket to turning her life around. However, Patricia became a firsthand witness to Akira's notorious temper, which had followed her from junior high school, and patricia began to doubt her bunkmate's ability to be able to pull off what Kogami had said she was setting out to do.

Patricia also introduced Akira to the old time blues music she had listened to with her grandmother, and Patricia inspired in her bunkmate an interest which soon became a fascination, and soon, Patricia and Akira roped in some of their fellow musically-inclined cadets and formed a blues band called The Soul Sisters, which began playing local bars and restaurants in the San Francisco area. The Soul Sisters peaked when the band played at an Academy talent show, performing their rendition of "Sweet Home Chicago." to a packed Academy auditorium. The Soul Sisters were voted one of the best performances that night, and Patricia, Akira, and the other band members were awarded some well-earned luxury replicator rations.

In Patricia's sophomore year at the Academy, the new USS Missouri was commissioned, and Patricia did her best to keep up with the Missouri's adventures with what Starfleet made available. Patricia came to develop an admiration of the Missouri's captain, Kagami Izumi, coming to view her story as a modern day fairy tale.

In 2390, Patricia graduated from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign and was assigned to the USS Joliet, a Nova class starship, as a security officer. She would remain aboard the Joliet for 3 years, earning herself a promotion to Lieutenant JG during that time.

In 2392, Patricia's grandmother was hospitalized with fluid in her lungs. Despite the best efforts of the hospital staff, they were unable to drain Francine's lungs without surgery; surgery that the 82 year old was not expected to survive. As the executor of his mother's estate, Patricia's father made the difficult decision to place Francine into hospice. Knowing that her grandmother wouldn't have long to live, Patricia made her way back to Earth as quickly as she could to say her goodbyes.

Major Francine Cooke, aged 82, veteran of the Cardassian and Dominion Wars, passed away a few days after Patricia arrived back home. Patricia's sister Marion remaining by their grandmother's side until the last morning of Francine's life, when Marion left to clean herself up, promising her grandmother that she would be back, not knowing that those would be the last words she would say to Francine. Patricia was understandably grief-stricken, as one of her inspirations for joining Starfleet was now gone. She was so caught up in her own grief that she was unaware that her hero, Kagami Izumi, had stepped down following her own personal tragedy.

At Francine's wake, both Akira and Lieutenant Shishod Libir, the Joliet's Chief of Security, showed up to pay their respects to Francine, with the latter playing Patricia a public announcement that the Joliet's Betazoid captain made marking Francine's passing with a speech on the debt her species owed the Starfleet Marine Corps for their vital role in liberating Betazed near the end of the Dominion War, even though Betazed had never been Francine's theater of operations. Patricia was touched by the announcement, and told Shishod to extend her thanks to the captain once he returned to the Joliet. Following the memorial mass, Akira joined Patricia's family for the repast at one of Francine's favorite restaurants; the Rose Garden Café. A few days later, at a smaller ceremony attended only by Patricia's family, Francine was officially laid to rest at the Jonathan Archer Federation Cemetery with full Starfleet and Starfleet Marine Corps honors.

In 2393, Patricia was reassigned to the USS Fort Wayne, a Defiant class starship, to become the ship's Assistant Chief of Security. She was assigned as an assistant department head on a smaller starship as a means of testing her leadership abilities over a smaller sample size. The test proved successful, as Patricia was promoted to Full Lieutenant in 2394.

That year, the Missouri, now under the command of Captain Aika Tenku, disappeared while operating in the Fort Wayne's sector, and the Fort Wayne was one of the vessels involved in the two year search for the Intrepid class starship. However, the search was unsuccessful, and the Missouri was declared lost with all hands in 2396. Though Patricia tried not to let the Missouri's loss affect her work, it became evident to her that it was weighing on her, and the quality of her work was slipping as a result, and so she requested a leave of absence to sort herself out.

During her leave of absence, Patricia learned that her sister Marion had gotten engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Ron Parlor. Marion asked Patricia to be her maid of honor at her wedding, a request Patricia was happy to honor. At the wedding, Patricia walked down the aisle with, and shared a dance with Ron's best man, and though they were cute together that night, Patricia didn't see the best man as her "Athrun Atha," and felt a relationship with him wasn't in the cards for her.

When Patricia returned from her leave of absence, she found out that she was being reassigned to the USS Sandusky, a Steamrunner class starship, to become that ship's Chief of Security and later Second Officer when she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2397. In 2398, the Sandusky's Executive Officer stepped down for personal reasons, and Patricia was offered the position. She accepted the position and served as the Sandusky's Executive Officer for two years.

As 2399 was coming to a close, Patricia was in for the surprise of her life: The Sandusky's captain had recommended her for a command chair, and Starfleet had come back with an offer for a brand new Bellerophon class starship. And not just any Bellerophon class starship, but one bearing a familiar name to Patricia: The USS Missouri.

Patricia was shocked and pleasantly surprised that Starfleet was offering her the chance to command the Federation's next Missouri. After giving herself some time to deal with the tidal wave of emotions she was hit with, Patricia accepted Starfleet's offer, which entailed a field promotion to Commander, and when the Sandusky pulled in for winter layup, Patricia returned to Earth to celebrate Christmas with her family and break the news to them regarding her recent promotion. After Christmas, Patricia boarded a runabout bound for Camp Khitomer to ring in the new century. After the new year's celebrations, the Missouri was to be commissioned and Patricia was to take command.
Service Record 2386-2390: Starfleet Academy (Cadet - Security)
2390-2391: USS Joliet (Ensign - Security Officer)
2391-2393: USS Joliet (Lieutenant JG - Security Officer)
2392: Leave of Absence (Bereavement, Grandmother)
2393-2394: USS Fort Wayne (Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Security Officer)
2394-2396: USS Fort Wayne (Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Security Officer)
2396: Leave of Absence (No reason specified)
2396-2397: USS Sandusky (Lieutenant - Chief Security Officer)
2397-2398: USS Sandusky (Lieutenant Commander - Chief Security Officer/Second Officer)
2398-2400: USS Sandusky (Lieutenant Commander - Executive Officer)
2400-present: USS Missouri (Commander - Commanding Officer)