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Lieutenant Charlotte E. "Charlie" Yeager

Name Charlotte E. (Elwyn) "Charlie" Yeager

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color ginger
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Charlie is a tall woman on the heavier side for her weight with upper back length ginger hair that she often wears down. Depending on where you may find her, she can be covered in dirt and grease from working on shuttles. However, she always makes sure she is clean before showing up on the bridge to fly the ship.


Spouse Glenn Dickhouse (Married 2385)
Children Susan "Susie Mae" Yeager-Dickhouse (Born 2387)
Donald "Dusty" Dickhouse (Born 2391)
Michael "Mickey" Dickhouse (Born 2395)
Sharon Dickhouse (Born 2397)
Father Charles "Chuck" Yeager I
Mother Shirley Yeager Sr.
Brother(s) Albert Hal Yeager (Younger)
Charles "Chuck" Yeager II (Younger)
Sister(s) Susie Mae Yeager (Younger, Deceased)
Shirley Ann Yeager Jr. (Younger)
Other Family Steven "Steve" Yeager (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charlie is an adrenaline junkie who is fascinated by speed with a dream of disproving the theory of infinite velocity. Despite her tendency to live in the shuttlebay working on various craft, she's actually obsessed with cleanliness, and always makes sure to clean herself up before reporting for duty elsewhere. Charlie is not known to care for trivial matters, and tends to view situations objectively. She is the kind of person who thinks how to best utilize her own strengths and the strengths of others in relation to the current situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Sociable
+Appreciative of the finer things in life


-Speed demon
-Terrible cook (exception being American-style barbeque)
-Can be reckless
Ambitions Charlie's dream is to safely achieve infinite velocity.
Hobbies & Interests -Singing
-Gridiron Football
-American-style barbeque

Personal History Charlotte Elwyn Yeager, or Charlie, as she is known by her friends, was born on February 13, 2363 in Myra, West Virginia, as the eldest of five children. When Charlie was 5 years old, her family moved to Hamlin, West Virginia, where she would grow up.

Charlie had four younger siblings: Two brothers; Albert and Chuck Jr., and two sisters; Susie Mae (who was accidentally killed at age two by a then-six year-old Al playing with a phaser) and Shirley Ann. She attended Hamlin High School, where she played women's basketball and gridiron football and earned her best grades in geometry and typing. Charlie graduated from high school in 2381.

Charlie's first experience with Starfleet came as a teen at a summer camp in Indiana in the summers of 2379 and 2380, and after Charlie graduated high school, she entered Starfleet Academy as a sophomore cadet, being awarded a years' worth of credits for the two years of summer camp.

During her time at Starfleet Academy, Charlie met Glenn Dickhouse, a fellow cadet in her flight control major. The two of them hit it off quite well, and it was evident that there was romantic relationship between the two. However, Glenn was a year behind Charlie in the Academy, and it was obvious he held some visible regrets when Charlie graduated in 2384, and was assigned to the USS Britannia as a shuttlebay manager at the rank of ensign. However, Charlie promised that she would be back to attend his graduation ceremony.

And a year later, Charlie held good to her promise, and attended Glenn's graduation ceremony. Shortly after the ceremony, Glenn did what he had been unable to do the year prior, and got down on one knee to ask Charlie's hand in marriage. Charlie said yes, and the two were married before Glenn was scheduled to ship out aboard the USS Myogi as a shuttlebay manager and Charlie's LOA was about to run out.

In 2386, Charlie was promoted to Flight Control Officer. During this time, the Britannia and the Myogi were conducting joint operations along the Romulan Neutral Zone, and Charlie was able to celebrate her promotion with Glenn without needing to coordinate an LOA with him. However, the celebrations would be cut short when the Britannia was reassigned along the Cardassian border. Shortly before the Britannia left on her reassignment, Charlie found out that she was expecting her and Glenn's first child.

In 2388, the Britannia responded to an automated distress call from the USS Eastland, disabled along the Cardassian DMZ. The Britannia sent a shuttle to the disabled Eastland so as not to rouse Cardassian suspicions, and Charlie was among the away team.

Arriving on the disabled vessel, the away team was horrified to discover that the Eastland's entire crew was dead. However, a science officer among the away team noted a strange abnormality with the corpses, as each one was emitting an electrical signal as if they were plugged directly into a power source.

When the away team restored power, the corpses regained a state of limited animation and began attacking the away team. As the away team fought the corpses, it was discovered that a number of the ship's systems had become infected with a Cardassian-engineered virus, which was somehow related to the reanimated corpses. Furthermore, with power back online, the infection had now spread to the ship's computer core, which was now preventing a master system shutdown.

Charlie recommended deliberately causing a power surge strong enough to damage the ship's computer core to initiate the emergency master shutdown protocol the computer core was hardwired to perform in the event of damage, regardless of possible infection.

Charlie's gamble paid off, for when the computer initiated the emergency master shutdown, the corpses dropped where they were, and became inanimate once again. At which point, it became evident that the Britannia herself was needed to tow the Eastland back into Federation space.

When the Britannia arrived back at Starbase 47, the disabled Eastland in tow, the members of the away team were heralded for their efforts, and received promotions. Charlie was promoted to Lieutenant JG and was offered the position of Chief Flight Control officer on the Eastland, as once the Eastland was cured and repaired, she would be in need of a new crew, what with her current crew being dead. Charlie accepted the position, but, with the experience with the "space zombies" still fresh on her mind, Charlie felt the Eastland was no place for a young child, and surrendered custody of her young daughter Susan to Glenn.

This created a source of friction between Charlie and Glenn, as the latter was reassigned to the USS Shogun shortly after taking custody of Susan, as the Myogi's commanding officer, Tanaka Miyahara, believed civilians had no place aboard a Starfleet vessel, and prohibited them aboard the Myogi. However, it was a fence the two would later mend.

Charlie performed her duties as Chief Flight Control Officer honorably for two years before Lieutenant Commander Mio Sakamoto was brought in to replace her. However, Sakamoto saw merit in Charlie's work, and requested her to remain as her Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer.

In 2391, shortly after giving birth to her and Glenn's second child, a boy, which they named Donald, Charlie was promoted to full Lieutenant. A promotion following which, Charlie continued to faithfully serve as the Eastland's Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer for another 3 years until 2394, when Sakamoto recommended her to the USS Poseidon as a flight control officer. The transfer would mean taking a step backward in Charlie's career, but Sakamoto believed that the setback was worth it in the long run, as she saw greater potential for Charlie to career develop.

Charlie served on the Poseidon for a year before deciding that this wasn't the potential that Sakamoto had convinced her of, and began putting in applications for Chief and Assistant Chief Flight Control Officers for whichever ships needed them. While waiting for applications to be accepted, Charlie took a leave of absence to rekindle her relationship with Glenn and Susie Mae. When an application finally went through for the USS Merrimac as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, Charlie discovered that she was pregnant for a third time, and later in 2395, gave birth to her and Glenn's third child, another boy whom they named Michael, but began calling him Mickey.

Charlie served aboard the Merrimac for five years as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. During this time, Charlie gave birth to her and Glenn's fourth child, another girl, whom they named Sharon. At the end of 2399, Charlie was perusing available flight control positions for fun when she came across an opening she couldn't turn down; a brand new starship named the USS Missouri was seeking flight control officers, and Charlie decided to put in an application for Chief Flight Control Officer. Her application was approved, but she would be assigned to the Missouri as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. While she was disappointed that she wasn't going to be Chief, she was still excited about being assigned to the Missouri's Flight Control Department, as the Missouri was a Bellerophon class starship, supposedly capable of flying at warp 9.99, and Charlie was very excited to test out the ship's speed.
Service Record 2381-2384: Starfleet Academy (major in Flight Control)
2384-2386: USS Britannia (Ensign - Shuttlebay Manager)
2386-2388: USS Britannia (Ensign - Flight Control Officer)
2388-2390: USS Eastland (Lieutenant JG - Chief Flight Control Officer)
2390-2391: USS Eastland (Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer.
2391-2394: USS Eastland (Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer)
2394-2395 USS Poseidon (Lieutenant - Flight Control Officer)
2395-2400: USS Merrimac (Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
2400-Present: USS Missouri (Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer)