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Lieutenant Commander Tsukasa Izumi

Name Tsukasa Izumi

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Hair Color purple
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Tsukasa is of Japanese origin, however she has natural purple hair. Her hair colour comes from her great great grandfather who was a biological scientist. He was obsessed with old Japanese Manga and Anime series and illegally altered the genes of his female children to make their hair and eyes brightly coloured. Those genes have been passed down the generations yet they are fading as Tsukasa's hair is a lighter shade of purple due to the gene restoring itself. This is also the reason for why she looks like she is younger than she actually is, the genetic manipulations that her great great grandfather has made has influenced her physical age and her hair and eyes.

However despite this Tsukasa likes to look normal. She has short hair which she usually keeps in a short pigtail tied up with a ribbon. She sometimes likes to use her appearance to fool others.


Children Shouta Izumi (6 years old)
Father Suburu Izumi
Mother Airi Izumi
Sister(s) Kagami Izumi (Older twin sister)
Other Family Hatsune Izumi (Niece)
Azusa Izumi (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tsukasa is yougest of two identicle twins. When she was younger she was always the one who was innocent and clumsy, slightly funny and sometimes clueless. However she does sometimes think herself as clumsy and clueless as she finds some things hard to understand, but overall she tries to do her best.

She is nice and friendly, she likes to try and please everyone and is easy to make friends with. Unlike her sister she doesn't lose her temper much and she doesn't get frustrated. She would rather try and get out of things in a nice and friendly way.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tsukasa's strengths are her knowledge of how things work. She is fasicated with how things work and she is good with her hands. She likes to fiddle around with things and she also has a strength in her musical ability.

Her main weakness is that she can sometimes mis read people and situations and can often get mixed up or confused. It is this which had made her someone that bullies will take advantage of. However she is striving to overcome this.
Ambitions Tsukasa's Ambitions are to follow her sister. When her sister applied for Starfleet before her Tsukasa wanted to try and match with her twin and since she looks upto Kagami she wanted to please her mother and father just like Kagami did.
Hobbies & Interests Tsukasa has an interest in drawing, painting, music and sewing. She also likes to try and socialise when she can.

Personal History Tsukasa was born on one Vega Colony, she is the younger of her set of twins. She was born five minutes after Kagami. When she was four years old her family moved from Vega Colony to Earth back to their native country of Japan because their father wanted to be "Closer to their roots and traditions"

Tsukasa, Kagami and her mother Airi all have brightly coloured hair due to the genetic manipulations by Airi's grandfather (who was obsessed with Manga and illegally genetically altered his daughter's genes before she was born to change her eye and hair colour) this had passed down to Tsukasa who's hair is now a light purple naturally.

Throughout her schooling Tsukasa was known as being clumsy and very light headed. She would often be one that would get confused easily or ask silly questions which wouldn't help her case. However she did begin to show signs that she was good with crafting and making things with her hands.

She would often read manga with her sister or watch anime, but she didn't always understand them. She found animated cartoons hard to read and understand, but to please Kagami she watched them anyway. In 2375 when Tsukasa was 15 Kagami told the family that she had applied for Starfleet, and she broke the news on their 16th birthday. The family were happy that Kagami had been accepted at the age of 16 into Starfleet and Tsukasa felt as if she was pushed aside.

However one year later Tsukasa had finished a course in technology at the local college and applied for Starfleet Academy herself. At the age of seventeen she was accepted for the Operations course, the very course she wanted to get onto. She had thought that Engineering would be too hard and Operations would be the right subject to major in.

Tsukasa and Kagami helped each other at the academy, even though Kagami was on the Security and Tactical course. They were known as "The Japanese Twinnies" due to their hair and being twins. Throughout the Academy Tsukasa began to build up her confidence, by her Junior year she was doing very well in her studies and when Kagami graduated she even told Kagami that she would be fine without her, something that she had never been sure of before.

Her last year at the Academy went quickly for Tsukasa. After her final exam, in which she gained 85% average she was given the rank of ensign and told to wait for assignment. Luckily since Starfleet were still rebuilding after the Dominion War she was transferred onto the USS Tokyo.

As an Ensign Tsukasa was a junior operations officer and often worked around in Engineering or in the Operations Labs. She liked being able to fiddle and fix things. She also enjoyed the people she befriended on the Tokyo.

After three years she was promoted in the department to the assistant chief of operations. However due to the Tokyo only being an Intrepid Class she kept the rank of Ensign.

After five years aboard the Tokyo Tsukasa was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Then she was told that the USS Tenerife needed a new chief of operations. Jumping at the chance she decided that she needed a new challenge and accepted the transfer. She went back home for a couple of weeks proud of herself. Her sister Kagami was also visiting home after also being promoted to Full lieutenant and transfered to the USS Misawa as their new Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

After bidding goodbye to her family Tsukasa set off for the USS Tenerife with her rank and her enthusiasm. She wanted to get into bigger shoes. She started her job as Chief operations aboard the Tenerife and really enjoyed it. She found the systems of the Ambassador Class challenging as the old ship took a lot of management to keep together, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

In 2387 it was announced that the Tenerife was due to be decomissioned as the spaceframe was becoming too weak and she was getting past her commision date. The entire crew were due to be transfered and Tsukasa put in for a chief of operations spot.
Service Record 2376-2380: Starfleet Academy (Operations Department)
2380-2383: USS Tokyo (Ensign - Operations Officer)
2383-2385: USS Tokyo (Ensign - Assistant Chief Operations Officer)
2385-2387: USS Tenerife (Lieutenant JG - Chief Operations Officer)
2387-2391: USS Missouri (Lieutenant - Acting Chief Operations Officer)
2391-2392: USS Missouri (Lieutenant Commander - Chief Engineering Officer)
2392-2394: USS Excalibur (Lieutenant Commander - Chief Engineering Officer)
2394-2400: USS Zeus (Lieutenant Commander - Chief Engineering Officer)
2400-present: USS Missouri (Lieutenant Commander - Executive Officer)