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Welp, that happened. (Part 2)

Posted on Tue Aug 8th, 2023 @ 6:24am by Commander Patricia Cooke & Lieutenant Commander Tsukasa Izumi & Lieutenant Commander Lahki Bakshi Dr & Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Stevenson & Lieutenant Akira Kogami & Lieutenant Zelea Arlidd & Lieutenant JG Danielle Sidney & Rear Admiral Kagami Izumi
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Mission: Auld Lang Syne
Location: Camp Khitomer
Timeline: After 'Welp, that happened. (Part 1)'

Previously, on Star Trek: Missouri:

"I heard about this I-400 thing once before, but it was only supposed to be a theoretical concept!" Patricia said. "And now, it wants to kill us?"

"Hold on, hold on," Akira butted in. "What in the hell is an I-400?!"

"I-400 is, or... Was a hypothetical peacekeeping AI, intended to preserve peace in the Federation and secure its borders." A disheveled looking Daystrom scientist stepped forward. "Imagine Iona, but specialized in preserving peace."

"And I'm sorry; who are you again?" Mitsuko asked.

"Banner, ma'am." The Daystrom Scientist introduced himself. "Dr. Anthony Banner, Daystrom Institute."

And now, the continuation:

"So, let me get this straight..." Patricia muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose. "You and your accomplice created an AI out of a recovered artifact without verifying that it was safe, and now that AI wants us dead?"

"She didn't say 'dead,' she said 'extinct.'" Mitsuko corrected.

"What's the damn difference?" Patricia asked.

"Look, we would have done all that shit, but the Institute wouldn't budge from their strict timeline, so we did the best we could do with the hand we were dealt!" Banner defended. "Look, shouldn't we be scrambling assets instead of playing the blame game? It's more than likely I-400 escaped, using the LCARS network as a backdoor."

"That would be all well and good, but half the damn fleet's in winter layup!" Mitsuko explained. "And even those that aren't, their captains aren't going to know what the hell I-400 is, let alone the threat she poses, and I doubt any of the commanders here would-!"

"Actually, there is one ship..." Patricia interjected turning to Kagami. "Rear Admiral; requesting permission to take command of the Starship Missouri ahead of schedule to meet the I-400 threat:"

"Are you sure?" Kagami asked simply.

"You've gotta be out of your mind, Patty!" Akira gawked in disbelief. "I mean, sure, we've got some teeth, but if that thing has backdoor access to our entire LCARS network, what difference is it going to make when it could possibly anticipate our every move?"

Bakshi could read Patty's mind, and smirked. Good move! Head them off at the pass. It was actually quite genius. "No, Kogami. I'll help," she said, tapping her head. "The Khitomer CMO will take over for me here," she said. "What sort of shields do we have? I can head them off for at least long enough to figure out a plan," she said.

"The only craft belonging to the Missouri is the Delta Flyer that brought Rear Admiral Izumi here." Mitsuko explained. "Its shielding systems... Date back to Voyager's time in the Delta Quadrant, but its auto-modulating shields are miniaturized versions of what's on the Missouri, which is all the way back at Manhattan Fleet Yards."

"Then we'll start with that." Patricia said. "We'll take the Bluesmobile, return to Manhattan shipyards, board the Missouri, and take her to the stars."

Patricia turned to Kagami.

"Please, Admiral:" Patricia begged, placing her hands together. "If you're still that badass captain of the Missouri I came to admire, then you should understand what's at stake here. We can't take the fight to the enemy if we just sit here and wait to die!"

Kagami sighed as she ran a hand through her purple hair. It was clear this was not a decision she could make lightly. "I'll have a lot of explaining to do to command. Then again those stuck up three and four stars don't really know what happens out here..."

She turned to Tsukasa and looked at her. "Tsukasa?" She asked simply. Tsukasa simply nodded in response, that's all that Kagami needed.

"Very well then. I'll authorise the launch of the Missouri early. But its upto you to get there and get your crew together." Kagami said. "You have forty eight hours, after that I can't help you. It will take weeks for Command to make a decision. But if you're already out there, then they won't have a choice."

Patricia smiled.

"Thank you, Admiral." She nodded. "I believe that Delta Flyer that brought you here is assigned to the Missouri, so we might be borrowing that."

Patricia turned to the gathered officers before her.

"I can't ask any of you to follow me." She said. "But if you heard what I-400 said, then you know what's at stake: Our very existence! Now, some of you might be good with waiting for the end to come, but I'm not. My grandmother was a fighter to the end, and I like to think that it's a gene she's passed down to me. So, the choice is yours: You can run home to your families and prepare for the end times. Or you can come with me and do something that actually matters!"

Akira smiled. "The odds may not necessarily be in our favor, but like hell if I'm going to stand around and do nothing about it; count me in."

Lieutenant Arlidd stepped forward and nervously stared “I am with you.”

Lahki was less reserved about her feelings. “Listen, I’m in the prime of my life, and about to hit The Change. I’ll need SOMETHING to distract me. Let’s do this!” She turned to her group of friends. “Ladies, we’ll catch up soon; I’ve got a shuttle to catch,”’ she said, tossing the extra phaser to the Bajoran in her group.

Danielle looked at her senior officer. She sensed something was off but knew she needed to intervene. "Captain if i may?" She began. "I gave up a life of fame to be here. I could've lived my life in Hawai'i sipping daquirs. However that's not who i least not anymore. My point is if im gonna die then il die a saviour. Im going with you"

Patricia had seen Tsukasa nod; an indication that her exec was in on all of this.

"Well, then; let's get to work." Patricia said.

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