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Rear Admiral Kagami Izumi

Name Kagami Izumi

Position USS Missouri Guest of Honor

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color purple
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Kagami is of Japanese origin, however she has natural purple hair. Her hair colour comes from her great great grandfather who was a biological scientist. He was obsessed with old Japanese Manga and Anime series and illegally altered the genes of his female children to make their hair and eyes brightly coloured. Those genes have been passed down the generations yet they are fading as Kagami's hair is a lighter shade of purple due to the gene restoring itself. This is also the reason for why she looks like she is younger than she actually is, the genetic manipulations that her great great grandfather has made has influenced her physical age and her hair and eyes.


Spouse Athrun Izumi (Deceased)
Children Hatsune Izumi (8 years old)
Father Suburu Izumi
Mother Airi Izumi
Sister(s) Tsukasa Izumi (Twin Sister)
Other Family Shouta Izumi (Nephew)
Azusa Izumi (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kagami is a determined and enthusiastic person. She will do anything to get the job done and she is dedicated to her job. She doesn't usually get emotional but she does have a temper that she can lose and will often have a go at someone if they annoy her. She doesn't like people who slack off or try to get away with not doing what they should. Therefore she has made the rank of XO quickly for her hard work in her field and she has always gained the respect of the crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths include:
+ Ability to command.
n+ Phaser and Rifle Shooting.
n+ Quick thinker.

Weaknesses Include:
- Can lose control of her temper.
- Sometimes overworks herself.
- Isn't too good at socialising with others.
Ambitions Kagami's ambitions are to rise as far as she can within the command structure and to get up the chain of command. She also wants to one day possible go into command to one day command her own ship. She wouldn't mind one day hitting the Admiralty and getting into the higher ranks.

Since the loss of her Husband, Kagami is determined to bring up her daughter the best she can.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies Include:
+ Reading Manga.
+ Watching Anime.
+ Keeping Physically fit.

Personal History Kagami was born on one Vega Colony, she is the oldest of her set of twins. She was born five minutes before Tsukasa. When she was four years old her family moved from Vega Colony to Earth back to their native country of Japan because their father wanted to be "Closer to their roots and traditions".

Kagami, Tsukasa and her mother Airi all have brightly coloured hair due to the genetic manipulations by Airi's grandfather (who was obsessed with Manga and illegally genetically altered his daughter's genes before she was born to change her eye and hair colour) this had passed down to Kagami who's hair is now a light purple naturally.

Kagami was the brightest of the two sisters. However she was headstrong and confident in her abilities. Since moving back to Japan she started getting back into Mange and Anime, especially old classics from the 21st Century.

Throughout High School she was known for her temper, yet also her athletic ability and her hair style. She was also very interested in Starfleet. When she was fourteen a Lieutenant came to speak to her year group about Starfleet and the Academy.

This was just after the start of the Dominion War and when the Federation Citizens didn't know much about it. Kagami kept tracks of the Dominion War through the regular news channels and had decided that she wanted to help. She hated the Dominion after their attack on Earth, especially since she knew that the Federation was only defending theirselves against the Dominion Threat.

In 2374 at the age of 15 Kagami secretly took the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam without telling her parents of her family. She passed the basic Entrance Exam for Security and Tactical after studying for over six months to be accepted. She broke the news on her 16th Birthday, four months before she was due to leave for the Academy. Her Parents were shocked that she had chosen to go into Starfleet especially after Starfleet had been at War. She left at the age of Sixteen to go the Academy in San Francisco.

She liked feeling free, not being compared to her sister and to be independant.Kagami had missed out in the Dominion War, yet she still likes to believe she tried to do her best. She began her training in Security and Tactical, her athletic ability gave her a good start to basic training. Her freshman year was mainly getting ready to repel invaders on a ship and she managed to complete basic training. She also passed her medical check and she was cleared to enter the Sophomore Year to start studying how to be a tactical officer.

Her Sophomore Year was eventful to say the least. Tsukasa had also entered and had passed the Entrance Exam to be accepted into the Operations department. Kagami found the weapons systems on a starship fascinating and she decided to specialise in Weapons and Tactical, something that Security and Tactical officers had to pick before their Junior Year.

In the Junior Year of the Academy Kagami started to undergo special classes in weapons and tactical. She also trained in defensive strategies and self defense. She also joined a class to learn some old style Japanese Martial Arts.

Her Senior Year she underwent advanced Tactical and Security Training. She found it challenging but she liked the challenge. After the second semester she had a six hour exam which she got a good ninty three per cent on. She graduated the Academy in 2379 as an Ensign with an above average overall mark.

She was immediatly accepted onto the USS Lexington as a ensign security officer. Lieutenant Micheal Moore put a note in her permament record stating: "Kagami is a brilliant officer. She performs well and has always looked for the best in things. She shows compassion and dedication to her job, it is my recommendation that she is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade"

In 2381 she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard the Lexington and given the position as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical officer. Kagami was shocked to be this young yet hold an assistant position. However since the loss of so many good officers in Starfleet throughout the Dominion War most Captains were promoting the good officer's earlier to get new fresh blood in senior positions and to try and encourage more people to enlist.

In 2384, after serving for five years aboard the Lexington. Captain Riley Butler approached Kagami looking for a new chief of security aboard the USS Misawa, one of Starfleet's new Sovereign Class Starships. Kagami accepted the transfer and bid goodbye to her friends aboard the Lexington.

She was promoted to full Lieutenant for the job. She was proud that in six years she had made it upto a chief spot, especially on one of Starfleet's Ship of the Line vessels. When the Misawa visited Earth for two weeks after a year in space Kagami went home to visit her parents. They were very proud of her and she was shocked to find her little sister Tsukasa also home on a leave of absence. Tsukasa had made it to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and was serving as Chief of Operations aboard the USS Tenerife.

After bidding her family goodbye again and with more memories and stories she headed back for the Misawa. Life aboard the Misawa was generally normal, however one incident did make it into her permament record. When the Misawa was tasked with hunting down a wanted terrorist Kagami had shown great enthusiasm to catch the man, especially since he had killed thousands in bomb attacks during the Dominion War on several Federation Colonies, including Vega Colony where she was Born.

The Misawa managed to capture the man, but he refused to answer any questions from Captain Butler. Kagami asked him if she could interrogate him, but the Butler thought it wasn't the time for it. She was so angry and frustrated with the man that she did it anyway. She got the answer's they were looking for, even if she disobeyed orders and she also discovered that the man had arranged for one of the Misawa\'s crew to sabotage the ship and destroy it, something which she took the liberty of hunting through and finding out who it was.

After a day of self investigation she found the saboteur and arrested him, catching him red-handed trying to overload the warp core from a rear station in Engineering where he couldn't be seen. Captain Butler put this note in her permament record: "Lieutenant Kagami Izumi disobeyed my orders not to interrogate a captured terrorist. She was instructed not to do so, yet on doing so she managed to uncover a secret plot to destroy the ship. She showed initive and even though she disobeyed orders her talent for spotting something wrong has saved the ship and crew. She is not an officer to be taken lightly and I recommend her for a command position"

Kagami was then given the role of second officer aboard the Misawa as well as continuning her role of chief of security and tactical. She continued to serve on the Misawa until 2387 when Captain Butler was promoted to Commodore and the entire crew were due to be reassigned.

Kagami put in for transfer to any vessel in need of a Chief of Security. Since being recommended for a command position she also decided to put down her second choice of Executive or Second Officer. She didn't know if she would get the position of XO since she was so young, yet when she was accepted aboard the Missouri she was told she was going to be the ships XO. After her first mission aboard the USS Missouri, the Commanding Officer was lost in action.

Kagami was forced to take command of the ship and led a badly damaged ship to the repair facilities at Epsilon V. This is where Starfleet Command decided to place her in command of the Missouri and after completing the course for Bridge Officer Command Course she was promoted to the rank of Commander and placed as Commanding Officer of the Missouri.

During her time at Epsilon V Kagami uncovered a illegal operation by Admiral Mark Pollock and with the help of the Missouri crew put an end to his illegal operations. This was noted in her file after Pollock was found guilty of conducting illegal operations. It is here that Kagami met Athrun Atha who she started to obtain feelings for, they entered a relationship officially shortly after Pollock was arrested, although Kagami wasn't sure at first with him being a lower rank than her and on the same ship.

Her relationship with Athrun bloomed and became stronger as the couple spent time together. When the Missouri was pulled into the 1940's by a temporal anomoly Kagami and Athrun settled together on Earth. This was because they had to abandon the ship. After several months in the past posing as civilians they blossomed in their relationship.

When the crew of the Missouri later retook the ship, after discovering it was intact Kagami and Athrun took their relationship further. They married three months later. Because of their positions on the Missouri and her family having no male heirs, she decided to keep her original name of "Izumi" to stop the family name from dying out.

However a two weeks before their marriage Kagami discovered that she had fallen pregnant with Athrun's child. She was excited to be having a child, and now married she knew it was the perfect time for her to become a mother not only to her crew but to the child within her aswell.

Kagami had a difficult pregnancy, she often found it hard to do normal tasks. She gave birth aboard the Missouri when the ship had just gone to Red Alert. It seems the baby had the good timing of her father. However the crew of the Missouri were able to get the ship out of danger without her being needed on the bridge and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom they named 'Hatsune' after Kagami's Grandmother.

When Hatsune was only a few weeks old, the Missouri was tasked with ferrying some deligates to a diplomatic conference. However it went badly, Athrun was found murdered at his station. Eventually the culprit was caught, and it was discovered that he was a rogue Intelligent agent who had blamed Athrun for his disgrace and dismissal from Starfleet Intelligence.

Heartbroken and now a single mother, Kagami stepped down as the Commanding Officer of the Missouri, being relieved by Captain Aika Tenku. She returned to Earth where she took some personal leave from service. When Hatsune was a year old and able to attend Nursery School, Kagami returned to Starfleet as an instructor at Starfleet Academy.
Service Record 2375 - 2379 Starfleet Academy [Security & Tactical Department]
2379 -2381 USS Lexington [Ensign - Security Officer]
2381 - 2384 USS Lexington [Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Sec/Tact Officer]
2384 - 2387 USS Misawa - [Lieutenant - Chief Sec/Tact Officer/Second Officer]
2387 - 2387 USS Missouri [Lieutenant Commander - Executive Officer]
2387 - 2388 USS Missouri [Commander - Commanding Officer]
2388 - 2392 USS Missouri [Captain - Commanding Officer]
2392 - 2393 Personal Leave of Absence
2393 - 2396 Starfleet Academy [Captain - Security/Tactical Instructor]
2396 - ???? Starbase Frontier [Captain - Commanding Officer]