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Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Stevenson

Name Rebecca Naomi Stevenson

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 3/4 Human 1/4 Ktarian
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5 foot 6 inches
Weight one hundred pounds
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Oval Shaped Gold
Physical Description Dressed in a full-length dress, this shoulder length pink haired woman with her thin pouty lips smiles at you. As her golden oval-shaped eye winks at you, you might find yourself captivated by her natural beauty, if that is the sort of thing that trips your trigger. Her voice is one reserved for the angels as she speaks and you might feel as though you are compelled to focus. Skin as golden as the sun and as clear from blemishes as one can get save a beauty mark by the right (hers not yours) side of her upper lip. Her form fitting uniform is worn only when necessary but is more commonly found wearing a full length skirt with a fitted top. No expense was spared in her choice of materials as they were all hand sown and of unique designs.


Spouse James Stevenson (Deceased)
Children None (Can not have biologically)
Father Henry James Franco
Mother Naomi Jane Franco
Brother(s) Robert Paul Franco
Sister(s) Tine Jane Franco

Personality & Traits

General Overview Oddly enough, you might not see her as the Science type of person but she learned a thing or two about things in her years in school as well as an engineer. But with the loss of so much on a personal level, ones that do know her anyway, can tell she is a shell of her former self.
Strengths & Weaknesses Vulnerabilities: Recently lost her husband of two years so the traumatic experience is still fresh in her mind. She has not begun to process the loss of it. She has not begun to process the loss of her child that she only recently discovered that she had lost. She is, in essence, running from her past.

Strengths: A very strong and independent woman. Approachable and kind. Can often tell, for the most part, when someone is lying to her.
Ambitions To continue to strive for bettering her skills in all areas. She desires now to get over the loss of her husband and child by pouring herself into her career.
Hobbies & Interests Wine tasting, holo-novels, technical manuals regarding engineering with emphasis on core designs.

Personal History USS Nimitz:

She was born Rebecca Naomi Franco to parents Henry James Franco (Father) and Naomi Jane Franco (Mother). She has two older siblings, one brother, and one sister. Her early childhood was ship life as she was born a 'boomer' as they once called them. Much of her interactions in her childhood was with other various races of the Federation and the occasional diplomatic guests. Her mother was lead Diplomatic Officer for the USS Venture, a Galaxy-class starship, while her father served as the Chief Engineer of the Venture As her parents and she grew older, they felt it was time for early retirement for her father when her mother was presented with an opportunity to serve on Earth teaching new diplomatic officers. So the next time the Nimitz pulled into the dock at Earth, they stayed behind.


Rebecca did not adjust well to life on Earth as her parents thought she would. She found the sun rather annoying at first as she had been used to ship lighting and tight spaces. The whole concept of being planetside took her over a year to adjust to. By this time, she had entered high school and began to excel in her studies. During her years in high school, she took every engineering class she could get her hands on as she would take after her father rather than her mother. She was not the greatest student but she did manage a B average in school.

Starfleet Academy:

After graduating high school she entered Starfleet Academy with intentions of becoming a Starfleet engineer. Every second she could get away and get aboard a ship to study, no matter the era, she would. Hence she spent a lot of time in the Starfleet Ship Museum where she met James Stevenson and fell in love with the man. Over the course of eight years, the two courted on and off as time would allow. It became more serious the closer she came to graduation. However, she was faced with an option of serving on board a starship or to continue to date James. She soon broke up with him in favor of following her career. The two remained close friends after the academy.

Life aboard Starships:

Her life took her many directions. She started out as a matter/antimatter specialist aboard the USS Venture to honor her father. Faced with a rather quick retirement at the hands of Starfleet, the Venture was mothballed after a fight with the Romulans.

This sent Rebecca back to school once more as no ship was readily available for her to serve on board. Having been mothballed, the Venture made its way into the museum where she came across James once more. As she entered school for advanced officer placement, she rekindled the relationship with James and the two soon married after a year of school.

School took another year for her after the wedding and soon she and James were placed together on the USS Hathway where she served as Assistant Chief of Engineering. Life was bliss for the two until about four years into her service aboard the Hathway, tragedy struck. During the last battle with the Borg the Hathway was called to action.

The Trama:

James’s life was lost in the conflict due to a ruptured hull breach. While the vessel was able to destroy the Borg vessel, it sustained heavy damage to the point where it would be no longer possible to save.

Evacuation orders were sent across the ship and a message sent to Starfleet before the ship self-destructed. As a result, she was one of the last people off the ship to ensure that the crew could be saved. During the evacuation, she sustained an injury to her stomach (a plasma conduit pipe struck her) causing both internal and external bleeding. The medical team was able to stabilize her but not before discovering that she had, at one time, been pregnant but was no longer. She was not informed of this until later after she was recovering in the hospital. While the external damage was healed, the internal was not able to be saved.

Devastated by the loss of her husband, her child, and her home, Rebecca put in an application for Chief Science officer for open availability and waited to see who took. She needed a new position, a new life, and hopefully a chance to begin again.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 6 years - Graduated in the top 23% of the class
Masters in Propulsion Design
Minor in Energy System Management
Studied basic science entry classes which accounts for the extra two years.

USS Venture - 2 years- Matter/Antimatter specialist

Returned to Starfleet to train in Advanced Officer Placement - Two Year Course
USS Hathway - 4 years - Assistant Chief of Engineering