All players are expected to follow Theta Fleet's standing policies and guidelines at all times, both in character and out of character.

They can be found here.

In addition to fleet guidelines, players are also expected to adhere to the following:

Age policy:

The USS Missouri has a rating of 2/2/2:

RPG Rating 2 2 2

Because of this rating, we are considered "18+." However, Theta Fleet policy indicates that this rating doesn't apply to the age of players, but is merely for the sim's content.

AWOL player policy:

Any player that disappears for more than 30 days without prior notification will be considered AWOL. This includes players who make promises to return before falling silent again. After which time attempts to reach out will be made. If attempts to reach out fail, or a further 30 days pass since first being considered AWOL (a total of 60 days absent), whichever happens first; the AWOL player will be removed from the sim.

Chain of Command

The CO, XO, and 2XO, if one is appointed, are the three highest ranking officers on the ship. Together, they meet as a council to decide the running of the ship. They are the final word of authority on the ship.

Below the command team are where department heads fall on the food chain, unless a department head is appointed 2XO, at which point they are considered part of the command team. Department heads have relative freedom to run their departments however they wish, so long as it doesn't come into conflict with another department or the command team.

Department members are on the bottom of the food chain. They have relatively little (if any) influence outside of their department.

The chain of command is rigid: Any member at any level of the chain of command who acts out of line shall be subject to review by those on the next step up. The sole exception to this is the command team: Their actions may be subject to external review by fleet staff.

Code of Conduct policy:

All players on the USS Missouri have a right to privacy.

Stalking or cyber-bullying of any kind will not be tolerated: Any player discovered to be engaged in such acts will be removed from the sim.

Under no circumstances will a player hack into or use another player's account without that players consent and permission from the Commanding and Executive officers.

No player, under any circumstances, should write for another player's character, playing or non-playing.

Any behavior that is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate will be dealt with by the proper chain of command and punishments will be issued, up to and including removal of the offender from the sim.

Discord policy:

ALL registered crew must also be members of the Missouri's Discord server. This is for the sake of easier communication, and the command staff are under no obligation to reach out to players via NOVA's built-in messaging system.

If an application is received from a potential player who is not also a member of the Missouri's Discord server, the potential player will be spoken to about compliance with the policy. Refusal to comply will result in rejection of the application. Likewise, if an existing player departs the Missouri's discord server, the AWOL policy will take effect as prescribed above.

LOA and ELOA policy:

We understand that life happens. If for any reason you are unable to fulfill your duties, please request an LOA or ELOA.

A Leave of Absence (LOA) can last anywhere between 1 day and 30 days.

An Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) can last anywhere between 31 days and 60 days .

By taking an LOA or ELOA, you understand and accept that the sim must go on without you, and as such, we will not wait for players on LOA or ELOA.

When you return from your LOA or ELOA, please make sure you submit a request to be returned to active duty. Any player who is on LOA or ELOA past the time requested will be considered AWOL, at which point the AWOL policy will take effect as prescribed above.

NPC policy

In order to make the Missouri feel more alive, any player wishing to create an NPC and have that NPC linked to their account MUST fill out that character's biography as thoroughly as possible beyond the basic character information: What do they look like? What's their personality? Hobbies & Interests? Where did they come from, and how did they get here?

Any prospective NPC to be linked found to be in violation of this policy will result in a private message being sent to the account the NPC will be linked to, requesting that the NPC be brought into compliance with this policy. Refusal or similar non-compliance will result in the character being deleted.

No NPC shall outrank one's player character. Likewise, no NPC outside the Recurring Characters field shall outrank the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, or a department head.

PC policy

Each player is allowed only one (1) player character (PC), but is encouraged to explore other avenues with non-player characters (NPCs) if they wish to expand creatively while on the Missouri.

If your character is married, consider including in-laws with their family.

No officer shall be under the age of 22. We understand that various Trek sources place the minimum academy entrance age at a lower age (the official Star Trek website sets minimum entry for Humans at 16), but here, the minimum Academy entrance age is 18. Add four years onto that age, and the minimum age requirement to be an officer comes out to be 22.

If you wish to play a character who is exactly 22, please assume they are a freshly-minted Ensign who has just graduated from the Academy. If you wish to play a character younger than 22, then please consider pursuing an enlisted position. Minimum enlistment age is also 18.

Department heads on the USS Missouri shall hold a minimum rank of Lieutenant JG. Achieving this rank requires at least 1 year and 6 months of Starfleet service following graduation from Starfleet Academy. Ensign department heads will not be accepted on the USS Missouri. Tying into the age rule stated above, no department head shall be younger than 23. If you wish to play a character younger than 23, please pursue a junior position.

Please no relation to established Trek characters, no matter how obscure. (your character cannot be descended from Archer's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate, nor can your character have had a one night stand with Beckett Mariner.) If you apply with such relations in your bio, your application will be rejected. Similarly, if already on the sim, you begin bragging about such a relation, you will be asked to remove such boasting. Refusal or similar non-compliance will result in your removal from the sim.

While the Missouri recognizes and welcomes a wide variety of races aboard, fleet guidelines discourage superheroes and Mary Sue characters. Possible so-called "god mod" characters shall be subject to review on a case-by-case basis.

Posting policy

Mission posts are to be written in the third person ("He said/she said/they said" not "I said")

Personal logs are to be written in the first person, as they are akin to a diary or internal monologue.

Posts and logs are to be written in clear English. If your character speaks other languages (i.e, Japanese, Klingon) and tends to speak them without a universal translator, that is okay, so long as a translation is provided.

We all have to work together to keep the Missouri going, and as such, we ask that, in order to maintain activity, you upload either a mission post or personal log every 14 days. That is 1 post or log every 2 weeks.

In addition, we ask that you log onto the site at least once a week. This shows the command team that you are still interested in the sim.

We also understand that real life can happen: If an emergency happens, take care of it before contacting us when able. If you are aware of something coming up that will prohibit you from posting regularly, please submit an LOA or ELOA request so that we know and can accommodate your absence.

Any player who does not submit an LOA or ELOA and disappears for 30 days will be considered AWOL, at which point the AWOL policy will take effect as prescribed above.

Respect policy

Every crewmember aboard the USS Missouri shall be treated with dignity and respect, both in character and out of character.

Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Any form of discrimination or harassment should be reported to the game staff, and will lead to the immediate removal of the offender from the game without question.

The command team urging a player to participate in the sim does NOT count as harassment. Nor does the command team pulling a post because it is unacceptable in some way, or insisting that a character play out the consequences of their actions.

In character and out of character disputes should be resolved in their separate mediums. There is to be no bleed over between in character and out of character.


All players are required to have fun while writing on the USS Missouri. No exceptions.